#2015 Vikings Cheer

#2015 Vikings Cheer



Sunday, November 15, 2015

Final closing of our season...

Where do I even begin to start. I am so proud and impressed with our team. We are a family, a unity and most of all beautiful young ladies from the inside out.
Today some of you experienced competition for the first time and got out of your comfort zone.
Celebrate this moment- THIS IS HUGE!
For the ones that have competed before thank you for stepping up and being leaders for the others.

Showcase- You are the cutest things I have ever seen. I had other teams coaching and parents just rave on how loud you were and the facial you were giving. The judges said you were great at working the crowd and kept their attention through the whole routine.
Shout out to Ava- you truly have grown more this year in cheer then Ive ever seen. I am so proud of you.
Thank you KC and Yesi for all your help with the girls.

Small Stunt-
I hope you all are beaming with excitement. Yes, you took second place but did you know you went up against MV Elite team? The teams are broken by size and we have no way of knowing these things ahead of time. With that being said you nailed your stunts. You actually scored higher than our large stunt girls in the pyramid.
And you scored higher then 4 other teams competing in other divisions.
Shout outs to the basket toss Addyson went higher then Ive ever seen her. Vivian your facials were on point, Everyones jumps looked amazing, and the one thing we struggled with all week (the pyramid) you nailed it.

Large Stunt: 
2nd place AWESOME! Last year we took 4th- time to celebrate. We were only 1.5 points away from the 1st place team. 
We beat every team that competed in all categories today in our cheer by a landslide. You were loud and proud and I just love that you laid it all on the mat. 
Of course we had some areas of improvements and things we can work on next year- and know things happen and we still took 2nd. 
Shout out to Lily for competing after spraining your ankle during warm ups, Kylie and Isabella for their facials, Sammy for her outgoing, energetic spirit, All the cheer tops for leading the crowd (Taylor B, Rachel and Payton N.) and all the bases and back spots for your hardwork. 

Thank you so much decorations crew- I think we had the best decorations and I am not just saying that because Im biased. 

And last but not least thank you Coaches for everything- I could never do a quarter of the stuff without you. 

Our Director Jenel- hats off to you my love. If people only new the stuff you deal with. You rock chicka. 

I love you all and am so proud of your hardwork! Great job Vikings!!!!!! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Don't forget practice tomorrow 6:15-8:15 at Waller Road Elementary!
Parent meeting at 8:10pm
This is our last practice before Sunday comp!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Reminder: Game time tomorrow at 11am (10:30am check in)
We are playing Orting at Orting- $3 Gate Fee ($1 off if you bring a can good)
Practice is at the Grange by Waller Road Elementary.
Large Stunt: 1-3pm
Small Stunt: 3-5pm
Please make sure you are on time and ready to work. This is our second to last practice.
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Month of November

Please see events scheduled for the month of November down the right side of the desktop version of this page.  Calendars also went out in email for the remainder of the season.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Congrats to our Captains for the competition season... 

Small Stunt: Kassi & Alexia N.
Large Stunt: Stephanie & Kira
Elite: Taylor May & Alyssa
Congrats the girls when you see them!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Elite Comp Schedule for 2015-16 
1.18.16 "State Comp"
Please see pic of location. This is usually an all day event.
The cost is $25 per girl per comp and due 2 weeks before each comp.

Just a reminder that all practices are mandatory till competition. If you are unable to make a practice you will still be able to perform but in the showcase. This is a huge safety issue when we cannot perform stunts to the fullest. They need to feel 100% confident now before we get in a room of 1000 people. 
We will have a parent performance the week before comp to get some of their jitters out.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Important announcements:
1- we have extended the entry ticket fee till next Friday for comp. Cheerleaders performing are free. Adults $10 and Children 5-11 $5
It doubles at the door! You won't want to miss this event. It's huge for our girls.

2-Friday, October 23rd we cheer at the PHS GAME. More details to come as the HS  coach shares with me her plan. Usually it's a quarter of the game. Girls will need to wear their entire uniform to include: pink bow, purple undershirt, shell , skirt, briefs, pink socks, cheer shoes, jacket and pink poms.
The cheerleaders will not pay to get in but as a parent you will need too. I think it was $5-$7 dollars but not 100%!
I will need a confirmation if your cheerleader will be attending no later then Wednesday.

3- Small Stunt & Showcase will be practicing Monday instead of Tuesday this week. Please see Jenels earlier post.

See you all tomorrow! I have to show a house in the morning then rushing to the field. Give the MV Bears lots of love. Their one of my favorite teams.

Practice Location and days for next week

On the calendar we originally let everyone know next week practice location was TBD. We have received confirmation we will be holding practice at Waller rd grange next week. It is located across the street from the school at 2708 64th St E Tacoma, WA. Unfortunately Tuesday it is not available, so small stunt practice as well as showcase will be held on Monday next week. If you have scheduling conflicts please reach out to me. 253.459.9133. Times will remain at 6:15-8:15.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Guess what? We now have all the music for our Small Stunt, Large Stunt and Elite team for all comps this season.

Coach Jenel and I are pumped to get the girls learning all the routines and put us on the road to winning NJFL Cheer Comp and State for our Elite girls.

Coach KC has been working with the showcase girls and they are so cute. I think you will love their routine.

Event Tickets

November 15th marks our end of the season competition for our small stunt and large stunt routines.
All entry ticket money is due this week.
$10 for all adults
$5 for children age 5-11
Free for everyone under 5 and football players in their jersey
*You will want to pre-pay as it doubles at the door for the event

Event Details 

Location: Spanaway Highschool 
Date: November 15th (SUNDAY) 
Time: 10am-2pm (We ask all girls stay till the end for awards) 
*In the next couple weeks we will have a schedule of when what teams will perform. It can vary depending on how the day goes but if you have a guest watching the event and they cannot stay the whole time this will help give them an idea or a range of when to be there. 
Arrival time for cheerleaders: 7:30am 
What to wear: Girls need to show up in full uniform to include (Purple undershirt, shell, briefs. skirt, low cut white socks, nike shoes and hair in a high pony tail.) We will have their comp bows for them at the event and will put them in the girls hair ourselves. 
Mascots: uniform dress, low cut white socks, cheer shoes, hair in a high pony tail- and briefs are a must. 

*Parents and or guardians will not be allowed to stay with their child until after they perform. Once they perform they are welcome to sit with you for the remainder of the event. We will have some coaches with the girls from drop off time till performance. 
Please pack them snacks and lots of water. 

#pjvcheer2015 #vikingselite 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Good morning Vikings. We have had quite a few absences in the past few weeks. Please remember that we only have 5 more practices before competition, and your child's absence affects the entire squad in safety and the ability to keep moving forward in the routine. Once we moved into the gym all practices became mandatory. The only exception is a pre planned school event or illness with a dr note. There will be no exceptions to this rule. If your child has an unexcused absence moving forward and are on either the small or large stunting squad, they will be moved to the showcase routine. If your child misses an elite practice they will be removed from the elite squad. There can be no exceptions. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

*Please monitor the October & November Calendars to know when you are expected to be at practice.  We will also try to post reminders

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Calendar being Emailed out! Info about Picture day!

Please check your email for the October Calendar.  Please read carefully as there are some changes.  Anything that says TBD, I will get information on as soon as possible.

Also, please keep October 13th open, as it sounds like we will be doing pictures that day.  I hope to have final information in the next 24 hours, and will share as soon as I am able.

Monday, October 5, 2015

No Practice for Large Stunt Thursday October 8th

Waller Rd gym is not available for us this Thursday, for this reason we will not have practice this day.

Thank you,


Nisqually Competition November 15th 2015 Ticket Pre-Sales

Get your entrance tickets for our Nisqually Competition a a discount by purchasing yours now!

Presale Prices
* age 4 and under free
* age 5-11 = $5.00/each
* 12 and up $10.00 / each
*****Football players in Jersey's enter free*****

At door prices
* age 5-11= $10.00/each
* 12 and up $15.00 / each at door
*****Football players in Jersey's enter free*****

Please bring your presale order to Jenel Yeamans by Thursday October 15th.  Please provide payment in cash for the amount of tickets you are purchasing.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Elite State Date

Elite Team: As of now we have been notified of when state is 1/18/16.  This is a Monday and Martin Luther King Day.
It will be an all day event. I hope this does not cause any issues with parents schedule.

Please notify us immediately if there are any concerns.
Coach Nykole

Friday, October 2, 2015

Go Pink

We are officially in October, and that means we all wear Pink to show our support of breast cancer awareness.  Everyone has been provided with their Go Pink items, and needs to wear them to tomorrow's event.  If you child did not receive them, chances are they are with their team coaches.  Please wear Go Pink Socks, Poms, and Bows!  Tutu's are welcome over uniform.

Community Night - Saturday Schedule

***PLEASE READ*** Saturday Schedule - As mentioned previously, we will need cheerleaders to be at their scheduled game this weekend as well as volunteer for an hour and a half. We will also need parents or coach volunteers to help with our cheerleader volunteers. We will hopefully be getting a volunteer sign up out to you soon, however I wanted to get this out so that you could start thinking about your schedule.
Also all cheerleaders are welcome to come and do the half time show for the 6th grade football game. We hope to have the entire team there to perform the cheerleader dance.
As most of you are aware, our 7/8 football team is not playing any more league games this season, however they will be playing this Saturday against their parents. This is a fun event to end an exciting day. We invite you to stay and watch, and welcome any cheerleader interested in cheering for this game to stay.
All games are at Sparks Stadium - Admission $3
12:00 PJV 1/2
1:30 PJV 3/4
4:30 PJV 5
6:00 PJV 6
7:30 PJV 7/8
Volunteer Times
We're using VolunteerSpot (the leading online Sign-up and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming Sign-ups.

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) Click this link to see our Sign-Up on VolunteerSpot: http://vols.pt/RBoNEH
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on VolunteerSpot.

Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.

Monday, September 14, 2015


We have cancelled practice for this Wednesday September 16th.  Practice is still scheduled for Tuesday & Thursday this week at Lidford Field.  Don't forget to turn in your permission form for Elite by Thursday the 17th.  I will be emailing to you and Coach Nykole will have extras at practice on Tuesday.

Nisqually Competition Cheer Squads & practice days

Good Evening Viking Families,

Please see below for your assigned Nisqually Competition team.  Please also note your practice days.

Large Stunting Team (Practices on Thursday's 6:15-8:15)
1.  Alyssa Roth​
2.  Andrada Peterson​
3.  Bailey Wilson​
4.  Camryn Taylor
5.  Emily Brooks
6.  Faith Clarke​
7.  Jamie Baker
8.  Jedi Cottam
9.  Kira Rau​
10.  Kylie Ranger​
11.  Laci Hinkle
12.  Lexie Schyanthong
13.  Lily Roth​
14.  Livia Nightengale
15.  Payton Nelson​
16.  Sky-Lynn Stuart​
17.  Stephanie Claeys
18.  Taylor Bussey​
19.  Taylor May Wilson​
20.  Alex Forbus
21.  Rachel Laplant

Small Stunting Team (Practices on Tuesday's 6:15-8:15 large gym)
1.  Addyson Brandt
2.  Alexia Nelson​
3.  Alexis Burns
4.  Alexis Shelby
5.  Alexsandra Cruz
6.  Claire Gross
7.  Cynthia Nelson​
8.  Isabella Clark
9.  Jordyn Tracer
10.  Kara Welborn
11.  Kassi Engh
12.  Maddylyn Castro​
13.  Natalia Molina
14.  Neika Wiltsey​
15.  Samantha Morgan
16.  Sarah Engh
17.  Taylia Wiseman
18.  Vivian Miniken

Showcase Team (Practices on Tuesday's 6:15-8:15 small gym)
1.  Ady
2.  Allyson
3.  CeCe  
4.  Chayce
5.  Kaidance
6.  Kimani
7.  Makayla
8.  Payten May
9.  Roxy
10.  Ava

We did try to keep siblings together for purposes of car pooling.  Elite will be practicing on Wednesday's.  This schedule will take affect starting next week.

Friday, September 11, 2015

September Updated Calendar

Parent Meeting Recap 9-10-15

Good evening vikings!

Recap of tonight's meeting.

1.  Games - Make sure girls arrive to their games 30 minutes early,  bring entire uniform including leggings and under shirts,  and make sure your team coach knows if you are unable to attend.

2.  Updated calendars will be posted tomorrow

3.  Practice - next week Tuesday,  Wednesday,  Thursday at Lidford 6-8 pm.  Practice will then move to waller Rd elementary the following week on the 22nd.  Practice times will shift to 6:15-8:15 the rest of season.  from this point on, the days you practice will depend on your competition team.  We will place all girls on a team next week,  and give you your practice schedule.   All practices will still be scheduled in the Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday bracket.  

4.  Nisqually competition is for entire team regardless of age and ability,  and is scheduled for mid November.   For this competition we will have to divide girls into 3 different teams.  This division will determine which days you practice.

5.  PJV elite - if your child is interested in continuing competing with us through January,  try outs are scheduled for Wednesday September 23rd at waller Rd elementary 6:15-8:15.  I will hand out sign up forms next Tuesday,  and if you wish to try out you need to return form to me by next Thursday.   We encourage all girls to tryout.  Also if you know of someone near bye that is outside of the puyallup school district, on a cheer team that does not compete, we welcome them to try out as well.  Come speak to me if you have someone in mind. Elite team will practice every Wednesday.

6.  Pink items - I will be placing the order for pink poms,  bows,  and socks this weekend.   All girls will get bows.   All new girls will get poms and socks.   Returning vikings need to use last year's socks and poms.   If you do not have them you will need to purchase from me.   Poms are $15 and socks are $7. I need to know by tomorrow.

7.  Spirit wear - there was a delay at printing,  but should be complete next week and distributed approximately the 22nd.

8.  Coats - estimated to be completed monday or Tuesday next week.   Hoping to distribute next Thursday.

9.  Feed phs football team is Friday the 18th.  Please see the list on facebook to see what you could donate.   Anyone who can help donate food and/or time is greatly appreciated.  

10.  Cheer boxes - if you have a business that wants to advertise, or if you as a family would like to donate,  we still have a few sides left.   I need this finalized by tomorrow.   We have quite a few families that have purchased a side and created a sign of encouragement for the girls from all of their family.   Let me know if you would like to do the same.  If you have reserved a side, please make sure I have your designs and money by tomorrow.

Thank you all for being so wonderful this year!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015




Hi all Viking cheer family's we have the pleasure to serve the PUYALLUP high school football team along side the 1/2 football team September 18. We need as many cheer leaders as we can to help with this. This is the food that the cheer squad need to bring any one that can help please let me know as soon as you can. 
10 pasta dinners (costco sized)
12 lbs of Ceasar salad
150 dinner rolls
150 servings fruit (8 costco fruit bowls, or apples/oranges, bananas/grapes)
5 cases water
5 cases Gatorade
Pasta ideas: mac and cheese, butter noodles, spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagna, chicken fettuccine, fried rice....just a couple favorites.
All hot food needs to come to the school cooked we need to be ready to serve the team by 3:30

 Sign up for Feed the hungry PHS BOYS! ( http://vols.pt/MQX194 ) on @VolunteerSpot today!...

Thursday, September 10th

Captain's and Co captains need to be at practice 10 minutes early tomorrow please. 
Also we will hold a parent meeting tomorrow night at 7:45. Items to be discussed are 
1. Practice location
2. Pink items
3. Games
4. Calendars
5. Spirit wear
6. Coats
7. Feed the high school team dinner
8. Comp teams
9. PJV elite tryouts
10. Cheer boxes

Monday, August 31, 2015

This week for Cheer... 

Tonight we will be meeting with the league to turn in all competition paperwork. If you are on the fence of competing now is the time I need to know to pull too or add you to the list. I will need an answer no later than 3pm. 

Tuesday, September 1st 
Cheer day
*I would like to meet with the team captains for 15min in the start of practice to discuss a few things. 
Theme: Tie Dye 

Wednesday, September 2nd 
Dane Day 
Theme: Crazy Socks 

Thursday, September 3rd 
Theme: Please have your football cheer team all dress in the same color. This will help us work stunt groups in the mats. 

Hopefully everyone is selling their chocolate bars like crazy. They seem to be a hit. Jenel will let everyone know if we will extend another round if you are interested. 

Cheer Box Sponsors: All cheer box sponsor money is due no later than September 9th. We have 21 sides left and really need to get moving on this to help pay for our season. 

Jenel will announce how much we have left to raise for the year after our big chocolate fundraiser. 

As always feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Coach Nykole 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cheer BBQ Saturday, July 25th 1:30-5pm 

Our cheer BBQ is this Saturday from 1:30-5pm. So far we only have 11 people signed up to bring things. I promise this is the best event of the year and you will not want to miss out. 
If you have not signed up please do so today so I have a final count. 

We would love to see everyone there. 

Much Love, Coach Nykole 


Thursday, July 16, 2015



1ST AND 10






First and Ten

Cheer BBQ

Hello Vikings Family- 
I hope you all are enjoying your summer. I can't thank you enough for your participation in this years fundraisers. We are off to a great start. 

Last years BBQ was such a hit that we decided to do it again. Saturday, July 25th from 1:30-5pm will we be our annual "Team Bonding BBQ". 
Bring your swim suit, towel and plain white t-shirt or tank tank. 

Its a potluck, sign up today to bring a yummy item. 
Sign up for Team bonding BBQ ( http://vols.pt/3FKtrk ) on @VolunteerSpot today!

*Bring your favorite questions to ask the coaches. There will be a special time for everyone to meet our 2015-16 coaching staff and the opportunity to ask them anything you want. 

Our last HUGE CAR WASH is right around the corner. August 1st from 12-4pm at Les Schwab we will be washing cars and selling yummy treats. 
Pre-Sale tickets were given out at the last car wash. We are selling them for $5 each and ask that everyone sell at least 4. The cheerleader that sells the most or gets the most amount of donations will get a special Coach Nykole date. 
Our Director Jenel still has tickets if you need to pick them up. All money will need to be turned in 30 min before the event starts. 
Sign up link coming soon- we need all hands on deck for this event. 

Be on the look out for an updated calendar with our practice schedule and event info. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015 Viking Cheer Squad

Registration is officially closed!  I want to personally welcome and announce all 51 of our 2015 Viking Cheer Squad!
-Adalynn L.
-Addyson B.
-Alex F.
-Alexa M.
-Alexia N.
-Alexis B.
-Alexis S.
-Alexsandra C.
-Allyson H.
-Alyssa R.
-Andrada P.
-Ava W.
-Bailey W.
-Camryn T.
-Cecelia W.
-Chayce L.
-Claire G.
-Cynthia N.
-Emily B.
-Faith C.
-Isabella C.
-Jamie B.
-Jedi C.
-Jordyn T.
-Kaidence D.
-Kara W.
-Kassi E.
-Kimani U.
-Kira R.
-Kylie R.
-Laci H.
-Lexie S.
-Lilyann R.
-Livia N.
-Maddylynn C.
-Makaylah B.
-Natalia M.
-Neika W.
-Patience B.
-Payten May S.
-Payton N.
-Rachel L.
-Roxanne V.
-Samantha M.
-Sarah E.
-Sky-Lynn S.
-Stephanie C.
-Taylia W.
-Taylor B.
-Taylor May W.
-Vivian M.

Congratulations!  I look forward to a fun and exciting season!

Cheer Director


Sign up to volunteer at the July 11th car wash or bring a baked good. Please know that we need allot of girls too attend in order to make this event great.


We also have everyones 8 pre-sale tickets you will need to pick up either at the car wash on July 11th or make arrangements to pick at Jenels.

Have a happy great 4th of July!

Coach Nykole

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Deadline is Here!!!!!

Tomorrow is the final day to register for the Jr Vikings Cheer program!  Unfortunately there is absolutely no give to this day as the final fittings will take place tomorrow evening.  Do not miss your chance!  Contact us today to make arrangements to register in time!



11623 4TH ST E

Cheer Director
Jenel Yeamans

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Registration Deadline

Hello all Vikings,

We have reached the deadline for registration.  We have to close registration in 5 days.  This means this is your last chance to register and pay your registration fee.  If we have not received payment by 5:00 pm on June 30th, you unfortunately will not be able to participate in the 2015 cheer season.  Please hurry.  Also Uniform Fitting #2 is scheduled for June 30th at 5:30 pm.  This is the last opportunity to be fitted.  If you have any obstacles preventing you from reaching these deadlines, please do not hesitate to reach out, we may be able to assist.  Uniform payments will be collected between July 1st, and July 8th.

Thank you all for a successful Meeker days, allowing us to raise over $900, and recruit some new cheerleaders.  The money will go to our first month to month and a half of gym rental!  Way to go girls!  Our next event is the July 11th Car Wash!  Please make sure that you have this on your calendar.  We will be washing cars from 12-4pm on 72nd and Waller at a fruit stand!  Let's aim for another $400 at this event!

Spirit sales has been delayed, however it is coming, and boy do we have some great apparel items for sale!  You all are going to love these.

Cheer Director

Friday, June 19, 2015

Meeker Days is here...

Just a reminder Meeker Days is this weekend. Please wear purple, gold or white. Football will have limited PJV shirts from last year but I can not guarantee sizes or that any will be left. The price I think is $10. If you have poms bring them if not just bring your smile! 
We are in booth 3&4 right by the library. Look for the purple, gold, white and black balloons. 
We look forward to seeing you!

PS. Your coaches will have directions for the cheerleaders when they get there. 

Coach Nykole 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello Vikings Families- 
As most of you all saw on our Facebook group Meeker Days is this weekend (Friday-Sunday) and we need your support. 

Puyallup Junior Vikings have a booth at Meeker Days and we will be working the booth; recruiting for this upcoming cheer season, promoting our two upcoming car wash/bake sales, selling pre-sale tickets for the car wash/bake sale in August, selling cheer uniforms from last year, and selling candy lei's!!
We will be at the booth the following times over the three days and will be breaking the day into shifts where there will be 4-5 girls working a shift and one coach!
Friday the 19th 12-9pm
Saturday the 20th 10-9pm
Sunday 10-5pm.
*If you are slotted before or after regular hours it is for set up or tear down
Please click the link below and sign up for available time slots!! Sign ups for time slots are first come first serve, so get signed up now to get the time slot that works best for you. It is our goal to have every cheerleader participate in this event, it should be tons of fun and a great opportunity to get our organizations name out into the community!
Sign up for Meeker Days ( http://vols.pt/4XmXHP ) on @Volunteer spot

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email us anytime. I apologize of you tried to reach out to us this weekend our email was down :( 

Coach Nykole 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This Weeks Cheer Happenings

*Wednesday June 10th 7-8pm - Coaches Meeting.  If you are interested in coaching for the upcoming season, please join us for an hour of information!  11623 4th St E Edgewood, WA 98372

*Friday June 12th 8pm - Uniform Payments must be in to Varsity.  If your payment is not received by 8pm, your uniform will not be ordered with this order, potentially causing you to not have uniform for first games.  If you did not receive a link in your email, please let me know, I would be happy to resend.

*Scratch Tickets Do Work!  If you still have stars remaining on your tickets, I suggest that you find a buddy with parents permission, and find a housing development!  It is not too late to raise the money for your uniform!  I have heard of multiple kids raising enough to cover uniform in 2-3 hours.

*Spirit Sales, Cheer DVD's, Next Car Wash, & Meeker Days are in the works.  Watch for more information coming for all of these.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Don't forget! *UPDATED*

Scratch Tickets:  Send those cheerleaders out with their scratch tickets to get those funds raised for uniforms.  If you are in need of a scratch ticket, let me know, I only have a few left available for purchase.  Uniform funds are due to Varsity by June 12th.

Uniform Fitting:  Uniform fitting is quickly approaching.  Fittings are Wednesday June 3rd.  Location 11623 4th St E Edgewood, WA 98372.  Please try to arrive during your designated time slot.  4&5 years old 5:30 pm, 6&7 5:45 pm, 8&9 6:00 pm, 10&11 6:15 pm, 12&13 6:30 pm, 14&15 6:45 pm.  If you have more than one child, attend whichever time is most convenient for you and bring both.  *Please have your cheerleader arrive wearing spandex shorts and tight tank top of sports bra for easy access to dressing.

Fundraisers:   We were able to Raise $400 of the $750 needed for pink supplies for Octobers "Go Pink" at this past weekends car wash!  Great Job Viks*!!!!!

-We will also be starting a spirit gear sales in the next 2 weeks.  This will give you an opportunity to order spirit items and apparel for the upcoming season.  Lot's of goodies!

-Meeker days is scheduled for June 19th, 20th, and 21st.  We will be scheduling the girls in different time slots for this closer to the event.

Coaches:  We will be holding a meeting for all that are interested in finding out more information about coaching on Wednesday June 10th at 6pm.  11623 4th St E Edgewood, Wa 98372.  Hope to see you there.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email.  If you know of anyone interested in joining this season and has not already done so, please refer them to this message.

Thank you,

Jenel Yeamans
Cheer Director

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hello all Jr Viking Cheer Families,

We are down to only 42 days left of registration!  Just a reminder that this year we cannot allow any registrants past June 30th at 5pm.  We only have 16 days to register to make our first fitting on June 3rd and guarantee your uniform in time for our first football game!   Contact me if you are in need of registering, spread the word to others, and get to using those scratch tickets.  Uniform payment due by June 12th for everyone registered by June 3rd. 

Fittings will be held at 11623 4th St E Edgewood, WA 98372.  I will assign times between 5:30 & 7:30 pm for your fitting.  This information will be out to all soon.

Fundraising calendar and event details will be out by Sunday this week, and we are rolling!

Registration event will be held Wednesday May 27th at 6pm at Puyallup High School Commons, followed by a Viking Team wide information meeting at 7pm.  Hope to see you there.

Cheer Director Jenel

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Registration Event

If you haven't already registered, come see me at Maplewood Elementary May 7th from 7-8pm.  I will have registration open that night for all new and returning Vikings that  have not yet registered.  I will also have a few scratch tickets left to purchase at this event!  This would also be an opportunity to bring any completed documents that you need to turn in prior to practice beginning in August.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Full of Information Update

Hello Vikings,

Over the next few weeks to a month, you should be receiving updates from us on all the following.  Please read and keep an eye out for those emails as well as check our website often.
  • Spring camp - Details will be sent out by email and some calls regarding camp information.  We are super excited to work with a new group of girls and see some old faces.  Thank you to all that participated in recruiting Campers.
  • Calendar - Our Calendars are coming together for fundraisers, fittings, parties, and more.  We will get you definite dates as they become available, and individual event details will be distributed as well.  Below are a few dates to mark on your calendars now
    • May 5th & 7th Cheer Camp Maplewood Elementary
    • May 30th Car Wash / Bake Sale - Tentative (need to find a location)
    • June 3rd Uniform Fitting 5:30 PM - Director Jenel's House
    • June 12th Uniform Payments Due to Varsity
    • June 20 & 21 Meeker Days
    • June 30th Registration Deadline 5pm
    • June 30th 2nd Uniform Fitting 5:30 PM - Director Jenel's House
    • July 8th Uniform Payments Due to Varsity #2
    • July 11th Car Wash / Bake Sale - Tentative (need to find a location)
    • July 25th BBQ Meet & Greet - Director Jenel's House
    • August 3rd or 4th first practice (TBD)
  • Registration documents - I will email everyone individually to let you know what forms we will need from you before practice begins.
  • Coaches - We will be emailing everyone who inquired about helping coach to set up an information meeting to determine who is able to coach for the 2015 season
  • Fundraising - Each fundraiser will be assigned to one coach and some volunteers to arrange and manage.  Please let me know if you would like to be included in this.
  • Registration Events - We will be scheduling two more registration events.  I will post details as soon as we arrange. 
As always please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Director Jenel

Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello all,

We are holding one last opportunity to register, pay, or order shirts for Spring Cheer Camp.  Please remember that this is a fundraiser to help raise money for gym rentals for the season.  It is important that everyone try to recruit a camper.  If you are already a registered Viking, and want to order a Tshirt, poms, and/or a bow, we also need your money and sizes at this time. 

Last chance:

Tuesday April 21st
11623 4th St E Edgewood, WA 98372

Unfortunately if we do not have your payment or registration for camp, or you have not made arrangements with me, then we will not be able to have your tshirt on time.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Camp Deadline

Hello Vikings, 

Hope you are all well, and excited for our first ever Spring Camp and fundraiser.  Just a few reminders regarding the camp, and some important information for our Vikings that are already registered for the Cheer Season

1.  Deadline for camp registration is quickly approaching.  Please make sure that all of your recruits send in there registration and the fee ASAP, as it is due Monday April 20th.  Although we will be able to accept registrants after this day, we can not guarantee that there cheer supplies will be in by camp days.

2.  We do have $50 gift card for the South Hill Mall for the registered Viking that gets the most recruits to come to our camp.  Make sure you are printing those flyers, putting your Viking's name on the bottom so we know who gets credit for the camper, and getting them sent in ASAP.  Don't forget this is a fundraiser to raise money for Mats, and we need everyone to participate and try to bring at least one camper. 

3.  If you are a registered Viking cheerleader, and want to attend the camp to help with campers, and learn new cheers and dances, you are welcome to attend for free and no need to complete the registration flyer for yourself.  However if you are wanting to purchase any of the camp items, please send in the registration form, letting us know you are a registered Viking and what items and sizes you would like to purchase.  Pictures and prices are below, all are optional.  You have the option to purchase none, one, two, or all three items.
                                                   White Cheer Bow         $5.00
                                                    Black Camp Tshirt       $15.00
                                                    Purple & White Poms  $15.00

Mail all registrations and Payments to Jenel Yeamans at 33434 8th Ave S Suite 103 Federal Way, WA 98003. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Cheer Clinic

Spread the word and bring some friends.  Time is running out to register for the Spring Cheer Clinic! $45 includes Tshirt, Poms, Bow, 2 practices, & perform at Community night! May 5th & May 7th 6-8pm. PJV Registered Cheerleaders welcome to attend for free! Cost of optional Tshirt $15.00 due by April 20th. Contact Nykole or Jenel to order yours!  Don't forget the cheerleader to bring the most campers gets a prize!!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Don't Forget to Register

Hello Vikings, 

Don't forget to come see us at Puyallup High School commons tomorrow night 4-13-15 from 6:30-8:00 PM to register your cheerleader.

We have a super exciting year planned, you don't want to miss out!!!!!

Please spread the word out to anyone who may be interested in registering!

I will also have a few scratch tickets available, be able to collect any open balances due, and collect camp forms from any campers.

See you there!!!!!

Cheer Director
Jenel Yeamans

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Registration Event

Calling all Wanna Be Vikings!!!!!

Come register for the 2015-16 Viking Cheer Season!!!

Monday April 13th, 2015

6:30-8:00 PM

Puyallup High School Commons.

Football registrations will also be held at this event.  Let me know if you want me to email you registration packets to fill out prior to coming.

Thank you 

Viking Cheer Director

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Cheer Camp

Who is excited for our first fundraiser? We are doing a spring cheer clinic in May.
How can you help? We need everyone to get at least one of your friends to sign up. The cheerleader who gets the most attendees there will win a special prize. You can print the flyer attached and hand out to everyone you know.
Our goal is 60 kids to attend.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


If you have pre purchased them, please come see me Sunday between 4:30 - 6:00 pm at Bradley Lake Park.  I will find a table and will have Viking flag up.
If you have not purchased, but would like to, I do have some extras for $12/each.  Once they are gone, prices will go up to $15/each for any new orders.
I will also be accepting registration payments and paperwork for anyone wanting to get their spot reserved on the team.
If this time or location does not work for you, please contact me to make other arrangements.
Thank you,

Sunday, March 15, 2015

2015 New Uniforms

Scratch Tickets

Hello Vikings!  Another successful registration yesterday!  We are well on our way to 75 girls.  I will let you know of the next registration event as soon as possible.  We know that we will be holding a large registration for Cheer and Football in the months of April & May.

If you are wanting to take advantage of the optional scratch ticket fundraiser to help raise money to help pay for your uniform, please contact me ASAP at 253-459-9133 or jrvikscheer@yahoo.com. I need to pick up the tickets soon, and have to have all of the money prior to doing so.  If we don't get enough requests for scratch tickets we will either have to pay more for them, or cancel this option.  Please let me know.

Thank you, 

PJV Cheer Director

Friday, March 13, 2015

Registration #2

Coach Nykole and I will be holding a registration opportunity tomorrow from 3-5pm at my house 11623 4th St E, Edgewood, WA 98372.  All returning and new cheerleaders are welcome.  Please spread the word!
Also, anyone wanting to sign up for the optional scratch ticket fundraiser to help raise money for uniform expenses ($12.00 per ticket to raise $165) can do so at that time as well.  Placing order in 1 week.
Jenel Yeamans
Cheer Director