#2015 Vikings Cheer

#2015 Vikings Cheer



Sunday, November 15, 2015

Final closing of our season...

Where do I even begin to start. I am so proud and impressed with our team. We are a family, a unity and most of all beautiful young ladies from the inside out.
Today some of you experienced competition for the first time and got out of your comfort zone.
Celebrate this moment- THIS IS HUGE!
For the ones that have competed before thank you for stepping up and being leaders for the others.

Showcase- You are the cutest things I have ever seen. I had other teams coaching and parents just rave on how loud you were and the facial you were giving. The judges said you were great at working the crowd and kept their attention through the whole routine.
Shout out to Ava- you truly have grown more this year in cheer then Ive ever seen. I am so proud of you.
Thank you KC and Yesi for all your help with the girls.

Small Stunt-
I hope you all are beaming with excitement. Yes, you took second place but did you know you went up against MV Elite team? The teams are broken by size and we have no way of knowing these things ahead of time. With that being said you nailed your stunts. You actually scored higher than our large stunt girls in the pyramid.
And you scored higher then 4 other teams competing in other divisions.
Shout outs to the basket toss Addyson went higher then Ive ever seen her. Vivian your facials were on point, Everyones jumps looked amazing, and the one thing we struggled with all week (the pyramid) you nailed it.

Large Stunt: 
2nd place AWESOME! Last year we took 4th- time to celebrate. We were only 1.5 points away from the 1st place team. 
We beat every team that competed in all categories today in our cheer by a landslide. You were loud and proud and I just love that you laid it all on the mat. 
Of course we had some areas of improvements and things we can work on next year- and know things happen and we still took 2nd. 
Shout out to Lily for competing after spraining your ankle during warm ups, Kylie and Isabella for their facials, Sammy for her outgoing, energetic spirit, All the cheer tops for leading the crowd (Taylor B, Rachel and Payton N.) and all the bases and back spots for your hardwork. 

Thank you so much decorations crew- I think we had the best decorations and I am not just saying that because Im biased. 

And last but not least thank you Coaches for everything- I could never do a quarter of the stuff without you. 

Our Director Jenel- hats off to you my love. If people only new the stuff you deal with. You rock chicka. 

I love you all and am so proud of your hardwork! Great job Vikings!!!!!! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Don't forget practice tomorrow 6:15-8:15 at Waller Road Elementary!
Parent meeting at 8:10pm
This is our last practice before Sunday comp!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Reminder: Game time tomorrow at 11am (10:30am check in)
We are playing Orting at Orting- $3 Gate Fee ($1 off if you bring a can good)
Practice is at the Grange by Waller Road Elementary.
Large Stunt: 1-3pm
Small Stunt: 3-5pm
Please make sure you are on time and ready to work. This is our second to last practice.
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Month of November

Please see events scheduled for the month of November down the right side of the desktop version of this page.  Calendars also went out in email for the remainder of the season.