#2015 Vikings Cheer

#2015 Vikings Cheer



Monday, September 14, 2015


We have cancelled practice for this Wednesday September 16th.  Practice is still scheduled for Tuesday & Thursday this week at Lidford Field.  Don't forget to turn in your permission form for Elite by Thursday the 17th.  I will be emailing to you and Coach Nykole will have extras at practice on Tuesday.

Nisqually Competition Cheer Squads & practice days

Good Evening Viking Families,

Please see below for your assigned Nisqually Competition team.  Please also note your practice days.

Large Stunting Team (Practices on Thursday's 6:15-8:15)
1.  Alyssa Roth​
2.  Andrada Peterson​
3.  Bailey Wilson​
4.  Camryn Taylor
5.  Emily Brooks
6.  Faith Clarke​
7.  Jamie Baker
8.  Jedi Cottam
9.  Kira Rau​
10.  Kylie Ranger​
11.  Laci Hinkle
12.  Lexie Schyanthong
13.  Lily Roth​
14.  Livia Nightengale
15.  Payton Nelson​
16.  Sky-Lynn Stuart​
17.  Stephanie Claeys
18.  Taylor Bussey​
19.  Taylor May Wilson​
20.  Alex Forbus
21.  Rachel Laplant

Small Stunting Team (Practices on Tuesday's 6:15-8:15 large gym)
1.  Addyson Brandt
2.  Alexia Nelson​
3.  Alexis Burns
4.  Alexis Shelby
5.  Alexsandra Cruz
6.  Claire Gross
7.  Cynthia Nelson​
8.  Isabella Clark
9.  Jordyn Tracer
10.  Kara Welborn
11.  Kassi Engh
12.  Maddylyn Castro​
13.  Natalia Molina
14.  Neika Wiltsey​
15.  Samantha Morgan
16.  Sarah Engh
17.  Taylia Wiseman
18.  Vivian Miniken

Showcase Team (Practices on Tuesday's 6:15-8:15 small gym)
1.  Ady
2.  Allyson
3.  CeCe  
4.  Chayce
5.  Kaidance
6.  Kimani
7.  Makayla
8.  Payten May
9.  Roxy
10.  Ava

We did try to keep siblings together for purposes of car pooling.  Elite will be practicing on Wednesday's.  This schedule will take affect starting next week.

Friday, September 11, 2015

September Updated Calendar

Parent Meeting Recap 9-10-15

Good evening vikings!

Recap of tonight's meeting.

1.  Games - Make sure girls arrive to their games 30 minutes early,  bring entire uniform including leggings and under shirts,  and make sure your team coach knows if you are unable to attend.

2.  Updated calendars will be posted tomorrow

3.  Practice - next week Tuesday,  Wednesday,  Thursday at Lidford 6-8 pm.  Practice will then move to waller Rd elementary the following week on the 22nd.  Practice times will shift to 6:15-8:15 the rest of season.  from this point on, the days you practice will depend on your competition team.  We will place all girls on a team next week,  and give you your practice schedule.   All practices will still be scheduled in the Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday bracket.  

4.  Nisqually competition is for entire team regardless of age and ability,  and is scheduled for mid November.   For this competition we will have to divide girls into 3 different teams.  This division will determine which days you practice.

5.  PJV elite - if your child is interested in continuing competing with us through January,  try outs are scheduled for Wednesday September 23rd at waller Rd elementary 6:15-8:15.  I will hand out sign up forms next Tuesday,  and if you wish to try out you need to return form to me by next Thursday.   We encourage all girls to tryout.  Also if you know of someone near bye that is outside of the puyallup school district, on a cheer team that does not compete, we welcome them to try out as well.  Come speak to me if you have someone in mind. Elite team will practice every Wednesday.

6.  Pink items - I will be placing the order for pink poms,  bows,  and socks this weekend.   All girls will get bows.   All new girls will get poms and socks.   Returning vikings need to use last year's socks and poms.   If you do not have them you will need to purchase from me.   Poms are $15 and socks are $7. I need to know by tomorrow.

7.  Spirit wear - there was a delay at printing,  but should be complete next week and distributed approximately the 22nd.

8.  Coats - estimated to be completed monday or Tuesday next week.   Hoping to distribute next Thursday.

9.  Feed phs football team is Friday the 18th.  Please see the list on facebook to see what you could donate.   Anyone who can help donate food and/or time is greatly appreciated.  

10.  Cheer boxes - if you have a business that wants to advertise, or if you as a family would like to donate,  we still have a few sides left.   I need this finalized by tomorrow.   We have quite a few families that have purchased a side and created a sign of encouragement for the girls from all of their family.   Let me know if you would like to do the same.  If you have reserved a side, please make sure I have your designs and money by tomorrow.

Thank you all for being so wonderful this year!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015




Hi all Viking cheer family's we have the pleasure to serve the PUYALLUP high school football team along side the 1/2 football team September 18. We need as many cheer leaders as we can to help with this. This is the food that the cheer squad need to bring any one that can help please let me know as soon as you can. 
10 pasta dinners (costco sized)
12 lbs of Ceasar salad
150 dinner rolls
150 servings fruit (8 costco fruit bowls, or apples/oranges, bananas/grapes)
5 cases water
5 cases Gatorade
Pasta ideas: mac and cheese, butter noodles, spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagna, chicken fettuccine, fried rice....just a couple favorites.
All hot food needs to come to the school cooked we need to be ready to serve the team by 3:30

 Sign up for Feed the hungry PHS BOYS! ( http://vols.pt/MQX194 ) on @VolunteerSpot today!...

Thursday, September 10th

Captain's and Co captains need to be at practice 10 minutes early tomorrow please. 
Also we will hold a parent meeting tomorrow night at 7:45. Items to be discussed are 
1. Practice location
2. Pink items
3. Games
4. Calendars
5. Spirit wear
6. Coats
7. Feed the high school team dinner
8. Comp teams
9. PJV elite tryouts
10. Cheer boxes