#2015 Vikings Cheer

#2015 Vikings Cheer



Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Guess what? We now have all the music for our Small Stunt, Large Stunt and Elite team for all comps this season.

Coach Jenel and I are pumped to get the girls learning all the routines and put us on the road to winning NJFL Cheer Comp and State for our Elite girls.

Coach KC has been working with the showcase girls and they are so cute. I think you will love their routine.

Event Tickets

November 15th marks our end of the season competition for our small stunt and large stunt routines.
All entry ticket money is due this week.
$10 for all adults
$5 for children age 5-11
Free for everyone under 5 and football players in their jersey
*You will want to pre-pay as it doubles at the door for the event

Event Details 

Location: Spanaway Highschool 
Date: November 15th (SUNDAY) 
Time: 10am-2pm (We ask all girls stay till the end for awards) 
*In the next couple weeks we will have a schedule of when what teams will perform. It can vary depending on how the day goes but if you have a guest watching the event and they cannot stay the whole time this will help give them an idea or a range of when to be there. 
Arrival time for cheerleaders: 7:30am 
What to wear: Girls need to show up in full uniform to include (Purple undershirt, shell, briefs. skirt, low cut white socks, nike shoes and hair in a high pony tail.) We will have their comp bows for them at the event and will put them in the girls hair ourselves. 
Mascots: uniform dress, low cut white socks, cheer shoes, hair in a high pony tail- and briefs are a must. 

*Parents and or guardians will not be allowed to stay with their child until after they perform. Once they perform they are welcome to sit with you for the remainder of the event. We will have some coaches with the girls from drop off time till performance. 
Please pack them snacks and lots of water. 

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